Why a Mobile-First Employee Wellness Program Matters

Engaging with employees is essential to the success of a corporate wellness program – and engagement happens where your employees spend their time: using mobile apps.

Successful Employee Wellness Programs Hinge on Engagement

Most corporate wellness solutions are rightfully maligned for being ineffective beyond the initial surge of enthusiasm. Instead of prioritizing user experience and engagement, they are built on lengthy questionnaires most conducive to being completed on a desktop. While understanding baselines is important and some valuable insights can be gleaned from the data in this format, the process is tedious and ultimately produces limited value for the employee. Not only that, but anything more conducive to a desktop leads the engagement to begin and end at work.

Instead, an engaging employee wellness program makes participation simple.

If companies hope to provide a program that actually impacts their employees, they should lean hard into scientifically proven determinants of health and leverage a mobile first employee wellness program that features social circles, thoughtful content, challenges and resources that go well beyond surface metrics like weight and BMI.

Employee wellness programs that are not built with a mobile-first, employee-centric design are destined for failure.

Employees only spend 20% of their time each week at work. The rest of that time is spread across a multitude of areas. A successful employee wellness program should meet employees where they are to challenge, encourage and engage. The only channel for that level of interaction is mobile.

Determinants of Health

Individual behavior, genetics and social factors account for 90% of what determines our health. 80% of chronic diseases are preventable.

These two stats alone make it obvious why employee wellness programs can’t be ra-ra initiatives if they want to be effective. Instead, they must reinforce tracking proven healthy habits everyday and leveraging the social circles around employees (both their co-workers and their families). The best way for an employee wellness solution to do that is by being mobile-first for the employee.

When employees can easily track their positive habits with a few taps on their phones, as well as compete with others in the organization, their families and their friends, the employee wellness is more likely to be impactful, engaging and successful.

Taken to another level, when employee wellness programs can incorporate secure genetic and biomarker testing, employees can have a more accurate view of their current health and their predispositions to future diseases. This data can be leveraged in machine learning algorithms to provide truly personalized recommendations to make the most progress on helping an employee live a longer, healthier life.

Employee Wellness Programs Have to be Mobile-First

Ease of participation is essential to an engaging and impactful employee wellness program. Thus, participating in an employee wellness program needs to be as easy as possible for the employee to track the habits, earn rewards and complete challenges. A mobile-centric employee wellness program goes with users when they are in and out of the office and leans into the determinants of health.

Remember, employee wellness programs are for your employees, not for you.

12 Requirements for Successful Employee Wellness Programs

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