Using Wellness to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Your calendar is probably marked “Employee Appreciation Day” for Friday, March 4, 2022. Do you have plans to celebrate your employees this week? Have you thought about how you might tie this appreciation into your employee wellness? If you don’t have an answer yet, we are here to help.

Using Wellness to Celebrate your Team

Employee wellness has been a trending topic the past couple of years, particularly with the pandemic resulting in high burnout, concerns about mental health and employee turnover. Employee appreciation day is the perfect opportunity to pause and remind your employees that you’re grateful for their contribution to your organization. This is an opportunity to acknowledge them in a way that can also promote their wellness.  

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Your Employees

  • Team meals or snacks- Bring your team together for a delicious meal or host a virtual lunch on the company’s dime.
  • Office wellness class or cooking demo- Connect others through a class for a fun shared experience focused on their health.
  • Invest in movement or ergonomics- Particularly if your team have stationary roles, invest in their well-being and longevity by investing ergonomic-friendly office set-up 
  • Extend break times- Give your employees more time for themselves. Encourage walks, mindfulness or activities that would help their personal well-being. 
  • Gift employees “me time” or time off to focus on personal needs- Similar to extended breaks, give employees personal time to focus on their personal needs to reduce stress and well-being. 
  • Host a friendly active competition- If your team is in person, promote group cohesion and fun through a little healthy competition (think kickball!). 
  • Rollout a new wellness initiative and associated incentives- Share yearlong initiatives to demonstrate a priority on employee wellness and appreciation.

Of course the possibilities are endless, but keep in mind that employees are the most important voices regarding what they need and how they would feel valued. While wellness and appreciation are on the forefront of our minds this week, these values should be demonstrated all year round.