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See How Precision Wellness’s Research-Backed Health and Wellness Activities Can Reduce Healthcare Expenditures for Your Team and Organization.

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80% of all chronic diseases are preventable. It’s an astounding statistic that underlines the opportunity employers have to provide a wellness solution that encourages science-back healthy behaviors. Not only that, but 75% of US healthcare costs go towards the treatment of preventable, chronic diseases.

By enabling your employees to become more conscious of the health and wellness decisions they are making and where they could improve, you can positively improve their lives and healthspans while also realizing significant savings in healthcare costs effecting both your employees and your organization.

According to the CDC, simple lifestyle changes to your nutrition and daily activity and exercise, as well as moderating alcohol consumption and eliminating tobacco use, could prevent the onset of most chronic diseases. By helping educate your team of healthy behaviors and encouraging them to take a proactive role in improving their wellness, you organization can expect to realize a reduction in expensive healthcare interventions.

By improving your organization’s population health through wellness programs such as Precision Wellness from LifeOmic, your company can also benefit from reduced health insurance premiums while increasing engagement and improving company culture.

Precision Wellness Features for Reducing Your Organization’s Healthcare Costs

Easy to Use Mobile App

Users, their families and friends can download the Free LIFE Extend mobile app to extend wellness to their at-home lives


All of your team’s data is hosted in LifeOmic’s secure, certified and reliable cloud platform, the Precision Health Cloud


Discounts on onsite and/or near-site biometric screenings and blood draws

Challenges & Surveys

Push your teams to take an active role in their health by issuing population challenges

Learning Library

A robust, regularly updated and research-backed library of content for continuing your team’s health education

Robust Data Aggregation

Create a more complete picture and active pulse of your team’s health, saving on insurance, improving employee satisfaction and reducing absenteeism

Engagement at a Glance

Track your overall team’s engagement with your program using our simple dashboard

Simple to Start

Import your team via CSV or direct integration and get started in just minutes

Powerful Insights

Analyze behavior using machine learning for improving your team’s healthy habits; plus population-level reporting, data analysis and progress tracking

Cost Effective

Only pay per employee per month


Easily set up your account in 5 minutes. Upload a list of employees and press a button to invite them


Fully Integrated with popular wearables including Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Samsung Health and more

Home Tile

Custom home screen “tile” on your employee’s LIFE Extend homepage to host relevant organizational information


Proven Health Risk Assessment (HRA), administered yearly


Maintain program-specific employee consent management


Company and department-specific social groups within the LIFE mobile apps

Precision Wellness is Here

It’s more than your employees’ health – it’s their life.

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