The Employer Experience

Take a tour of our Management Portal to see how employers will manage their program day-to-day and review the health and engagement of their organization.

Simple Onboarding

Get started in as little as 10 minutes with a 5 step account set-up and the ability to bulk import employees. Once uploaded, the invitations, reminders and sign-up process is automated and simple! We even provide all the informational materials to announce the launch to your organization.

Precision Wellness Social Circles


Boost engagement and help employees push themselves with custom challenges that allow administrators to kick-off and manage a challenge with ease. Reward top winners or reward anyone who reaches a predetermined milestone.

Reporting & Insights

Easily review engagement, participation, goal attainment, incentive payouts and changes in healthy behaviors across your employee population using LifeOmic Precision Wellness’s reporting dashboards.

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Precision Wellness Performance Screen

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Wellness Screenings

Regularly collected data from wellness screenings and biomarker tests is essential to providing your employees with truly personalized recommendations and insights into their overall health. This data is private to them, but can also be aggregated and anonymized at the population level to provide your team with data around improvements in employee health over time with the program, essential to measuring engagement and a return on investment.

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Wellness Screening
Precision Wellness Engagement


Move over wellness stipends, incentives are here! Financially incentivize consistent engagement in the wellness program with our automated incentive payout capability. Every employee that averages a predetermined number of LIFE Points each month set by your team will have the opportunity to earn a financial reward. Employees can then redeem their funds for a gift card of their choice.


Looking for that specific service to provide to your employees? Subsidies provide the ability for employers to financially subsidize an additional offering within the Precision Wellness program. Currently we offer the ability to subsidize virtual health coaching with a certified health coach and blood biomarker panels all within our mobile app for your employees. These two options allow employees to really evaluate their health and make the necessary changes to set them up for success in the program.

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Precision Wellness Subsidies Screen