Employee Wellness Management Portal

Easily invite employees, monitor participation, quantify business impact and create challenges for your corporate wellness program.

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1Five Pillars of Health
2Social Circles
3Participation scorecard
4Onboarding status at a glance
5Secure access controls

Essential Wellness Program Features

  1. Easily track population engagement with the five pillars of health in LIFE Extend
  2. Create circles for the organization and teams to leverage social determinants of health
  3. Understand your company’s wellness participation at a glance with a visual scorecard
  4. See where employees get stuck in the onboarding and participation process
  5. Secure controls ensure limited, managed access – no individual employee data is ever visible
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LifeOmic Precision Wellness Administrative Portal Features

5 Minute Setup

Upload a CSV of employees and email addresses or integrate directly with your HR system to automate invites to LIFE Extend and joining your Wellness program.

Visualize Wellness Program Engagement 

Easily see where team members are stuck in getting started with LifeOmic Precision Wellness and trigger alerts and notifications to help them finish.

Communicate from the UI

Leverage templated emails for onboarding, engagement, education and more directly from within the LifeOmic Precision Wellness Portal.

Create, Distribute & Analyze Surveys

Build team and company population surveys directly within the portal – analyze responses to better understand your team.

Plot Changes in Employee Health & Wellness

Easily visualize changes in blood pressure, weight, exercise levels, health food intake and more across your population from within the Wellness Portal. 

ROI Impact Reports

Within the LifeOmic Precision Wellness Portal, easily visualize the tangible, monetary impact the program is having on your business to share with management.

Configurable Rewards & Incentives

Motivate your team with financial incentives for taking the right health and wellness steps directly within the LifeOmic Precision Wellness Portal.

Manage Consent with Ease

Within LifeOmic Precision Wellness, easily manage consent and track employee progress with getting started in the program.

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