Improving the Mental Health of Your Employees

Dozens of resources and 5 sustainable, science-backed habits for helping employees destigmatize and manage mental health.

5 Simple Habits that are Linked to Managing Mental Health

Access to English and Spanish Guided Mindfulness Exercises

Access to Anxiety, Stress and Depression Self-Assessments

A Library of Health Content, Courses & Videos

Access to Certified Health & Wellness Professionals

Social Circles for Encouragement & Accountability

Track Your Habits & Measure Changes Over Time

Engagement Centric Design for Employees

Wellness programs are about people. They are about finding ways to effectively encourage habits and provide access to the right resources to improve mental health. But each of your employees is different.

Providing truly personalized health and wellness recommendations requires a program to lean into the 4 determinants of health: genetics, social and environmental factors, behavior and healthcare.

Plus, LifeOmic Precision Wellness details the why behind all of the health and wellness recommendations with a robust library of cited resources.

Holistic Habits, Features that Support Mental Health 

LifeOmic Precision Wellness prioritizes instilling habits in all facets of an individuals day over challenges for managing stress, reducing anxiety and improving mental clarity . 

Employees can interact with native mindfulness exercises and guided meditations from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, as well as track breathing moments from their wearable devices. There are also dozens of educational resources, including articles, videos, courses and more for improving employee mental health literacy. 

Employees can also complete a variety of mental health self-assessment questionnaires in the app for gauging their levels of perceived stress, anxiety and depression.

Also, LifeOmic Precision Wellness provides access to certified mindfulness and mental health coaches directly in the LIFE Extend mobile app. 

Powering wellness, engagement and health literacy for

Powering wellness, engagement and health literacy for