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Take a tour of our Life Extend app to see how employees will interact with the community and follow the 5 pillars of health for a longer, healthier life.

Five Pillars of Health

5 Pillars of Health

LifeOmic Precision Wellness is rooted in promoting scientifically-rigorous health and wellness habits –the 5 pillars of health. Employees that participate in the 5 pillars of health can make measurable and sustainable gains towards their weight management goals, as well as push off the onset of chronic diseases like Type-2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Preventing these diseases can save your organization and your employee thousands of dollars each year.

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Daily Health To-Dos

Upon enrollment, employees will receive a 52-week healthy literacy program that provides simple tools and practical tips each day to help employees make life-altering changes to add years to their life. Designed by medical experts to help users lose weight and reduce their risk of chronic disease, each month is centered around optimizing a system of the body such as mental health, cardiovascular health and liver health.

Healthy To Dos
Health Coach

Health Coaches

LifeOmic Precision Wellness allows your employees to have access to on-demand and scheduled health and wellness coaching sessions with certified and vetted health professionals. These interactions can take place in a 1:1 or group format. Do you have your own network of health coaches already available? Organizations can make those specific individuals available directly in the LIFE Extend mobile app for your team.

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See how employee Joe Adams turned his health around with Precision Wellness.

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Socialize and Compete

All organizations will be given their own private Circle for social sharing, accountability, competing and more to drive employee engagement while promoting mental and physical health. Employees can compete in departments or across the company to average the most daily LIFE Points or reach a LIFE Points goal. Employees can even invite friends and family outside of the organization into their own Circles for free.

Precision Wellness Social Circles
Precision Wellness Wearables


With LifeOmic Precision Wellness we help remove barriers for engagement by integrating with numerous wearable devices regardless of brand. Sync any device from Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit, Oura and more to automatically track activity, mindfulness and sleep.

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