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LIFE Extend – the free and top-rated holistic health and wellness tracker from LifeOmic – is the employee facing application for LifeOmic Precision Wellness.

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Engaging Employees across 5 Proven Pillars of Health



Intermittent Fasting



An employee-centric wellness approach

The reason adoption is so poor for most employee wellness programs is they fail to engage with employees where they are and are built on onerous surveys and questionnaires. It’s an approach that fails to have a measurable impact as measured by participation.  

LifeOmic Precision Wellness turns corporate wellness on its head by focusing first on engaging with employees through a gamified, modern and social-first mobile app – LIFE Extend. But this approach doesn’t dilute the impact these trackable behaviors can have on your employees lives. LIFE Extend’s features are grounded in evidence-based techniques designed to improve overall health and decrease disease risk.

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LIFE Extend Features

Built on 5 Pillars of Health

LIFE Extend is built on tracking 5 scientifically-backed pillars of health: Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Mindfulness and Intermittent Fasting.

Circles in and out of the organization

Your employees can extend their circle of accountability or challengers to family and friends with LIFE Extend’s public circles.

Completely Free

Tracking activities, integrating wearables, measuring progress, taking self-assessments and more is completely free with LIFE Extend.

New Research Based Content Created Weekly

LIFE Extend has a vast network of science bloggers – all at least post-doctoral candidates – writing weekly health and wellness blogs.

Personal Health Self Assessments

If employees are interested in learning more about their health, they can take dozens of self-assessments and receive instant results.

Wearables integration

LIFE Extend integrates with Apple, FitBit, Samsung and Garmin wearable devices for easy data syncing and activity tracking.

Millions of LIFE Users

LIFE mobile apps have nearly 4 million users, providing a supportive and competitive environment for your employees to stick with it.

Android and iOS

Users can download LIFE Extend for Free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store today, no Precision Wellness account required. Try it today!

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