Wellness Screenings, Blood & Genetic Testing

The LifeOmic Precision Wellness platform is able to make truly personalized recommendations for your employees by securely and privately storing and connecting data from Wellness screenings, a robust blood panel and optional genetic testing.

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Getting concrete baselines are essential to measuring success and improving outcomes

Regularly collected data from wellness screenings and biomarker tests is essential to providing your employees with truly personalized recommendations and insights into their overall health. This data is private to them, but can also be aggregated and anonymized at the population level to provide your team with data around improvements in employee health over time with the program, essential to measuring engagement and a return on investment.

Semi-Annual Wellness Screenings Easily coordinate wellness screenings in your office or at partner facilities nationwide to collect weight, blood pressure & heart rate data and measure over time.

Semi-Annual Blood Panels Provide employees with access to a robust blood panel to gather data on 72 biomarkers – from blood glucose & vitamin D – in you office or at 1 of our partner locations.

Optional Genetic Testing Provide employees with access to heavily discounted genetic tests to add details from family history and predispositions to their personalized wellness plan and recommendations.

Security & Access

The personal health data (PHI) collected from these tests and screenings is stored securely in the LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud, a HIPAA compliant, HITRUST and SOC 2 Type II Certified health care platform users by leading research organizations to diagnose and treat the most aggressive cancers.

Only the employee has access to their own data. 

Across the organization, employees with access to reports in LifeOmic Precision Wellness can visualize population level data as well as configure incentives based on improvements in biomarkers. This allows organizations to evaluate the performance of the program and the return on investment, while avoiding access to employee personal health information.

If your employee base is small, certain reports may not be available with data due to privacy concerns.