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LifeOmic Precision Wellness includes hundreds of health and wellness resources for your team. These articles, videos, courses and posters are created by our team of contributors to ensure relevance, engagement and scientific rigor.

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Connecting your team with the ‘why’ behind making sound health and wellness decisions

Add compelling and engaging content to your wellness program challenges to improve participation, health understanding and outcomes.

Flexible Email Templates Leverage pre-built email templates curated to drive action. Easily invite, engage and challenge your team members without having to craft the perfect email.

Learning Library Articles Improve understanding of a wide variety health and wellness concepts through engaging and scientifically-based articles within the LIFE Extend mobile app.

Growing Video Library Watch a variety of videos, explainers and stories covering health and wellness topics, as well as tips for your team getting the most out of the Precision Wellness platform.

Lifeology Courses Gain access to dozens of custom-build, scientifically-rigorous health and wellness courses from Lifeology to improve understanding and adoption of healthy habits.

Printable Posters Personalize our high quality posters with your logo to promote engagement, screening registrations and more around your office or over email. Then click to print or download.

Health Coach Support Employees have access to certified health and wellness coaches from within LIFE Extend, to further personalize their health journey, increase accountability and drive results.

Customizable Email Templates

Leverage built in and personalized email templates to invite your employees to LifeOmic Precision Wellness, as well as automated nudges for employees to promote engagement, saving your team precious time that would be spend crafting the ‘perfect email.’

Educational Lifeology Courses

Increase your teams understanding and engagement with valuable habits with access to Lifeology courses covering various ranging topics, from understanding why our bodies need nutritious food intakes to the importance of sleep.

High Quality Posters

Continuously promote engagement with your wellness program with access to easily order high quality and customizable posters directly within the management portal to be delivered to your office – or to download and share with your remote employees.

Custom Curated Articles

Employees have access to a growing learning library of articles, resources and user stories within the LIFE Extend mobile app to further educate and motivate them on their health and wellness journey.

Educational Videos

Employees have access to a growing learning library of video resources and user stories within the LIFE Extend mobile app to provide an additional medium for absorbing educational health and wellness content.

On-Demand Health Coach Access

Within the LIFE Extend Mobile app – the employee-facing component of LifeOmic Precision Wellness – employees have access to certified health and wellness coaches to have their questions answered in real-time.

Your Team’s Wellbeing Can’t Wait

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