Promoting 5 Pillars of Health

LifeOmic Precision Wellness promotes 5 pillars of holistic health and wellness habits. LifeOmic Precision Wellness is the only employee wellbeing program promoting Intermittent Fasting, which a New England journal study highlighting increased stress resistance, increased longevity, and a decreased incidence of diseases, including cancer and obesity.

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Improving overall employee wellbeing spans beyond diet and exercise

LifeOmic Precision Wellness promotes 5 scientifically proven pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and intermittent fasting. The result is a cohesive program that produces improvements in metabolic and mental health, weight management, stress reduction and work productivity.

Intermittent Fasting Promote improved metabolic function and disease prevention by helping your team understand the benefits of limiting their caloric intake to a set window. No more midnight snacks!

Nutritious Food Intake Instead of tracking everything you eat – an unsustainable task – promote the eating  and tracking of additional healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts and oils as a means to promote positive diet changes.

Restorative Sleep Promote practices for improving nightly sleep, a pillar that directly impacts your employee’s productivity, diet choices, stress management, exercise routine and overall outlook.

Regular Exercise Regular exercise activities – at least 30 minutes each day – directly impacts disease prevention, stress reduction, weight management and productivity.

Practicing Mindfulness Support stress management, mental clarity and wellbeing by practicing mindfulness. Your employees have access to Mindfulness exercises through our partnership with UCLA.