Foster Employee Engagement Around Health & Wellness

Enable social sharing, accountability, competing and more to drive employee engagement while promoting mental and physical health.

Challenge Your Team to Mix it Up

Forget one dimensional step challenges. Encourage total wellbeing with the 5 Pillars of Health.

Kick off an individual or team challenge at any time that is inclusive, fun, holistic and motivating. Choose from a goal attainment challenge where everyone has the opportunity to be a winner or a race to the top of the leaderboard challenge and award the top performers.

Employees can earn bragging rights or a prize. Plus, employers can easily distribute a custom financial incentive to the winners.

Effectively Encourage Healthy Habits

Gamify Healthy Habits with Points, Leaderboards

Social Circles for Encouragement & Accountability

Integrations with Numerous Wearable Devices

Track Your Habits & Measure Changes Over Time

A Library of Health Content, Courses & Videos

Access to Certified Health & Wellness Professionals

5 Simple, Additive Habits – Rooted in Science

Engage Employees with Inherently Social Platform

LifeOmic Precision Wellness prioritizes employee engagement through LIFE Extend – the free health and wellness tracking app. Employees can compete in departments or across the company to average the most daily LIFE Points for the month.

Sharing ideas, motivating each other and offering accountability is simple in organization and department level social circles – employees can even invite friends and family outside of the organization into their own circles for free.

Lastly, free self-assessments highlighting biological age, perceived stress, BMR and more are available in the app.

Powering wellness, engagement and health literacy for

Powering wellness, engagement and health literacy for