Deliver Mental Health Care To Students, Faculty and Staff

A single mobile app providing personalized mental health support through certified health coaches and daily programs.

Mental Health Content to Improve Health Literacy

Health Programs with Daily To-Dos and Resources

Personalized Care with Credentialed Health Coaches

Secure Data Storage and Privacy Compliance

Five Pillars of Health

“Adding a teletherapy service to the array of on-campus counseling services and other resources already available to support students’ mental health underscores our commitment to student well-being.”

Frank E. Ross III, Vice President of Student Affairs

All of the tools for Proactive Mental Health Management

Preventative care and management through habit tracking and wearables integrations, health articles, videos, courses and instructional content to promote literacy and understanding of one’s health and customizable or off the shelf programs with daily to-do’s, articles and motivational resources across dozens of health topics.

Personalized Interventions, Anytime and Anywhere

The Preventia Health Coach Network provides a robust network of credentialed health coaches covering mental and physical health and near “always-on” scheduling opportunities for students to be met on their schedule.

Promote a culture of mental health awareness and enable care amongst your students, faculty and staff.