Employee Wellness that's HolisticSocialEngagingHands Off for HR

Employee Wellness that's HolisticSocialEngagingHands Off

Promote 5 scientifically-rigorous habits that impact physical and mental health, while also providing a dedicated channel for wellness discussions, accountability and learning.

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Powering Wellness For

Engagement Centric
Design for Employees

Wellness programs are about people. They are about finding ways to effectively and efficiently encourage healthy habits to improve lives. But each of your employees is different. Providing truly personalized health and wellness recommendations requires a program to lean into the 4 determinants of health: genetics, social and environmental factors, behavior and healthcare.

LifeOmic Precision Wellness is built with these determinants in mind by allowing:

  • Biomarker and genetic testing for employees
  • Social circles with connections to co-workers, family and friends
  • Habit reinforcement and challenges
  • Access to health coaches directly in-app for support and recommendations

Plus, LifeOmic Precision Wellness details the why behind all of the health and wellness recommendations with a robust library of cited resources.

Designed For Your Team
to Watch It Run

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Improve Performance

Build an Amazing Culture

Import Your HR Systems Easily

LifeOmic Precision Wellness was designed to be lightweight to manage, yet powerful and personalized. You are already wearing a lot of hats.

  • Getting started takes only 5 minutes
  • Easily bulk import employees via CSV or through our integrations with leading tools
  • Get automated recommendations for population challenges based on your team’s activity
  • Leverage email templates and printable posters to raise awareness, while requiring minimal effort

Plus, LifeOmic Precision Wellness is free for the first 100 employees, doesn’t require a credit card for getting started or long term contracts and is certified secure and privacy framework compliant.


A rich, engaging mobile app.

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Cutting-edge health technology delivering personalized wellness

Precision wellness LifeOmic Wellness solution is the five pillars of health
Engaging Yet Serious

Employees use the LifeOmic LIFE Extend application, one of the top health and wellness apps on the App Store and Google Play. All data is stored in the ultra-secure Precision Health Cloud, the same cloud platform used by hospitals and academic research centers nationwide.

Scientifically Proven Five Pillars of Health

The core of the LifeOmic Precision Wellness solution is the five pillars of health – plant based nutrition, activity, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting. Based on hundreds of scientific studies, these pillars will improve your employees health.

Precision Wellness Genomic and Molecular Testing
Genomic and Molecular Testing

LifeOmic’s relationship with genomic and biomarker testing partners makes it easy and inexpensive for your employees to get actionable insight that will positively impact their health.

Precision Wellness Device Integrations
Device Integrations

Employees can do self mini-checkups using fitness wearables, connected scales, blood pressure cuffs, spirometers and more to monitor their improvements. We support seamless connection to Fitbit, Oura and all Healthkit devices with additional integrations coming soon.

Precision Health Connect with Research
Connect with Research

LIFE Extend provides the ability for employees to connect with researchers and clinical trials to improve their health. Surveys and consent management make it easy to participate.

Precision Wellness intelligent Recommendations
Intelligent Recommendations

Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, LifeOmic Precision Wellness will create and deliver tailored recommendations to improve health as well as identify areas employees should proactively discuss with their doctor.

Flexible enough to support all your wellbeing needs.

Powerful enough to to still be personalized.

Employee Engagement

Physical Health

Mental Health

What Our Customers Are Saying

“LifeOmic Precision Wellness has been the best wellness program we have used to date! The app is very robust and our employees loved to track their progress daily.”

Joseph Obezo, Senior People Operations Generalist

“Our company was looking for a very user friendly app to help manage and build wellness habits. LifeOmic Precision Wellness was picture perfect for us. It’s easy to administer – and very easy to roll out. It allows my employees to learn healthy lifestyle habits by logging their fruits, veggies and nuts; activity time spent during the day; amount of time they are sleeping at night; the time between their last meal the night before and their first meal the next day (intermittent fasting) and their mindfulness time. By doing this on a daily basis, they are making healthy habits to last a lifetime. Love this software.”

Becki Veal, Director, Human Resources

“We used LifeOmic Precision Wellness during our annual Glialympics for tracking team’s activities throughout the internal event. The app is easy to use, has tons of data in it and Glianeers loved it so much they kept using it afterwards as well. 10/10 would recommend!”

Katlin Lepp, People Operations Manager

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